I can spend hours (and hours) sifting through photos, not least those taken by other people for a little inspiration. Let’s call it ‘siftspiration.’ I’ve created a new category along these lines, aimed at highlighting other people’s work that I think is worth checking out if you happen to enjoy sifting as much as I do.

First stop? The BBC News ‘In Pictures’ section run by picture editor Phil Coomes who also maintains a really cool blog covering various aspects of photography as a student and professional. I was indeed once so inspired I submitted the below photo which made their ‘Traffic‘ week of their ‘We set the theme.’ Happy sifting!

Stuck in traffic


Worlds Apart

Bali and Lombok, Indonesia

Despite being divided by only a 20-minute flight, Bali and Lombok are worlds apart. It’s surprising that Lombok, with direct connections from Singapore, has managed to avoid Bali’s over-development – ‘Bali 20 years ago’ was the phrase we often heard. The differences don’t stop there, with Lombok’s culture being more akin to wider Muslim Indonesia than Hindu Bali, something particularly reflected in the food. If you ever go, I’d suggest visiting both, but spend more time exploring Lombok.

Route travelled: Singapore, Lombok, Bali


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Winter Greetings

Guangxi Province, China

And in keeping with the season, winter greetings! This photo was shot on a very chilly trip through Guangxi Province, China in February 2008. The winter of 2007/8 was apparently the coldest winter in 100 years. Everything – from flowers to furniture – was encased in ice. Even after visiting Alaska for nine years, I had never seen anything like it. It was rather how we imagined Narnia might look.

Winter, Guangxi Province, China