Crossing Jordan

All across Jordan

I was told today that Ramadan starts in a week and I find myself reminiscing about a 2009 holiday in Jordan. We traversed the country, starting in Jerash and finishing in Aqaba. I have a couple favourite moments. One is walking down The Siq at Petra for the first time and seeing The Treasury emerge. The other was during an evening in Amman. We had finished our mint tea and were getting ready to leave when, across the smoky shisha cafe, someone called my name. It was an old Palestinian friend who I’d studied with on the other side of the world a couple years before! I love run-in moments like that. It was Ramadan (hence the mint tea) and having an old friend to have Iftar with was the highlight of the holiday.

Route travelled: Jerash, Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Amman

The Monastery, Petra, 2009

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Iraqi Photojournalists

After becoming one of the more stable countries in the Middle East for a few months, Iraq is back in the headlines. I was recently forwarded this amazing New York Times article on Iraqi news photographers. And of course, I couldn’t mention Iraq without suggesting you also visit this fantastic site whose author took the photograph below while covering the US withdrawal.

PHOTO: Prashant Rao